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El surrealismo pop de Yoko D’Holbachie

Yoko D'Holbachie es una ilustradora japonesa que vive entre Yokohama, donde nació, y Tokio, donde trabaja. Inspirada por sus propios sueños, si le preguntas cuál es el lugar más emocionante que he visitado, ella contestará: "El fondo del mar".

Animales, insectos, peces y juguetes, entrar al mundo de Yoko D’Holbachie es como sumergirse en la guarida del conejo blanco, cuanto más vayas al fondo, más te gustará.

Sus “monstruos” petroleros, definidos como psicodélicos, son una mezcla entre la animación japonesa más tradicional y el surrealismo pop occidental. No es casualidad que uno de sus artistas favoritos sea Jim Woodring, el ilustrador de Los Ángeles que sufrió de alucinaciones y disfunción psicológica cuando era niño.

Explore the West Fjords of Iceland with Andrew Kearns (@andrewtkearns) and Sonora MindWerl (@sonoratmw).

This isn’t an ordinary photo tour. This is a week long adventure to travel as Kearns would travel. With a bag on your back and a camera in hand you’ll road trip to the Westfjords and take a boat to the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. You’ll spend two nights in a basic backcountry lodge under the midnight sun and the rest in local spots. The food will be good and the sense of adventure will be high.

Andrew will take you on day hikes to shoot iconic gems like Dynjandi Waterfall. He’ll show you that yummy Iceland light and the red-sand shores of Raudisandur. You’ll shoot birds soaring over Latrabjarg Cliffs. And best of all you’ll get to explore the incredible Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, home to towering mountains, untouched rivers, and fearless wildlife. Andrew even found a local guide to show us the places in Hornstrandir not found on Tripadvisor.

Beyond the adventure Kearns will teach you his techniques to capturing incredible landscapes and editing them to have a natural look. Sonora will show you how to shoot with a model, developing candid portraits.

Expect the weather to be variable this time of year so make sure to bring your hiking boots, a warm layer, & a rain shell – this is all part of documenting the experience. This is the 2020 photo tour you don’t want to miss.

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